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Heal the Child Within                                           

Your Inner Child is the child you once were

We have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced trauma.

Healing the childhood

Healing your Inner Child, and by healing the wounds that you suffered, you can change your behaviour, clear your emotions, heal the pain and memories you have. You can release the grief, pain, rage, shame, terror, and release those feeling that exist within.

You have to rescue, nurture and Love your Inner Child.

You abandoned your Inner Child, locked it in a dark place within, and at the same time you are letting the Inner Child drive your life, letting the child's wounds dictate your life.

You have to honour the child who you were in order to Love the person you are now. The best way to do this is to acknowledge the child's experiences, honour that child's feelings, and release the emotional pain that you are still carrying.

Living your life reacting from old wounds and old tapes, it does not work to help you find happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Deise has been guiding several clients to Inner Child Healing. It is an energy process that offers a powerful, life-changing experience. A powerful transformation through Love, an integration of healthy behaviour into your emotional experience of life - transform core beliefs about yourself and about life.

Signs that your Inner Child is wounded

Low self-esteem, poor body-image, mood and emotional imbalances, problems with boundaries, being too rigid or too weak, problems with eating, harming yourself, sexual difficulties, being ‘false’ and wearing ‘masks’, identity problems, being a rebel, a hoarder, a bully/a victim or a super-achiever, intimacy problems, commitment problems, a general lack of trust in yourself and others, criminal behaviour, excessive lying, being ‘overly-responsible’ for others, being fiercely competitive and a poor loser, dependencies and addictions, a lack of genuine friends, obsessive and needy behaviour, fear of authority figures, being manipulative, being passive, or being aggressive.

Once you start loving, honouring, and respecting yourself at a core level, everything on the outside starts to change. You start setting boundaries, seeing life clearly, understanding people more, letting go of trying to control things and people, stop unnecessary worries, stopping the victimization, etc.

Inner Child Healing empowers you. You gain the strength to set boundaries, you learn to relax and enjoy life.

We can help you to heal the Inner Child

Deise can help you to transform your experience of life into an easier, more Loving and enjoyable journey.

She helps you to rescue and re-parent your Inner Child, to enable you to live a more positive and rewarding life. A life with fun, laughter, spontaneity, authenticity, and most importantly with love.

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