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   Go Beyond Past Life Regression

           The focus is Healing

                                             Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) 

is a unique technique developed by famed author and regression hypnotist Dolores Cannon

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is based on the premise that physical illnesses and life issues originates from deeply rooted beliefs in our Subconscious. This may include traumatic events from our childhood and past lives.

QHHT was developed and refined by Dolores Cannon over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world.

Dolores' technique involves inducing an individual to the Somnambulistic state. This is a state when the brain reaches the THETA brain wave. In this state the client experiences a deep relaxation. We all experience this state twice daily: the moment just before we become consciously awake in the morning and the moment just before we drift off and fall asleep.

It is working with the client during this state of deep relaxation that it is possible to explore and discover the possibilities to gain access to experience of Past Lives the client has lived.

It is also in this state that we can explore with the client and discover an infinitely knowledgeable and powerful aspect of each individual that can be contacted and communicated with. This Powerful Aspect of ourselves is called by many names: The Higher Self, the Oversoul, Christ Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, the Universal Mind and Oneness. Dolores Cannon called it, the Subconscious.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique enables direct contact and communication with the Subconscious/Higher Conscious of any individual for answers to any questions and can also provide the basis for instant healing.

Dolores’ Subconscious Definition

“ The Subconscious that is contacted by Dolores and the practitioners of her QHHT technique is the polar opposite to the subconscious referred to by psychologists and conventional medical professionals. During her early years as a hypnotherapist, Dolores became aware that through her unique technique of induction she was contacting and communicating with a portion of an individual's consciousness that was indeed a part of them, yet lay far above the level of their conscious mind, which is the part of ourselves we are aware of and use to interact with others on a personal level.The Subconscious is a suitable label given the context of Dolores' work; however, religions and spiritual teachers alike have attempted to identify and label this larger part of ourselves throughout history using a variety of different labels: the Higher Self, the Oversoul, Christ Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, the Universal Mind and Oneness. The Subconscious has stated to Dolores that it does not care what we call it, it simply? Is? And is willing to work with those with a pure heart and true intent.” Dolores Cannon

Consciously or subconsciously, you bring your past experiences and your Past Life experiences to your present life.

The more you understand your past, the more empowered you become to develop  your highest potential.

Accessing your past lives can give you new direction, increase your perspective and help you to understand yourself better. 

Fear of Death. Seeing for yourself that you have lived  other lives, and that your soul continues on to other incarnations, dissolves the fear of death.

Past Life Regression has a great value of healing in your current life. 

It clears blocks, removes fears, problems, past patterns and can heal your physical, emotional and mental body, as well your energetic body. Once old energies are cleared, you experience profound benefits to your body, mind and spirit, which will function from a lighter, more elevated level.

You see that all paths bring awareness, you recognize that some life challenges are not punishment, but an experience for your progress. 

Know your Life Purpose

Do you have these questions? 

Did you always want to know why you are here?


Why you are so different from everyone else?

What is your Life Purpose?

Why do you have connections with a specific time period?  

Want to know how to have balance?

Why do you feel a certain way? 

Have unexplainable interests in UFO's?  

Have interest in foreign lands? 

Why you are afraid of …….?

Why you don't like your job?

Why you don't like a certain person, place or thing?

Do you want to meet your Guide or Angel?

If yes to any, Past Life Regression can connect you with your Higher Self to answer to your questions

Get instant Answers

  • Discover your life’s purpose 
  • Reveal your inner wisdom 
  • Uncover your life’s passion 
  • Explore other lives past and future 
  • Clarify your career path
  • Clarify your life path
  • Understanding to the people in your life

  • Healing 
  • Remove aches and pains
  • Eliminate fears
  • Eliminate stress
  • Control habits or addictions
  • Manage depression 
  • Heal your grief

Subconscious/Higher Conscious Healing








Before you come to your session. Get Prepared

It is a common mistake for people to anticipate that they have to SEE in hypnosis. Many people do not see anything in a regression. They, instead, know it, or think it, or feel or hear the details of the past life. 

All of your five inner senses and your intuition are channels through which past lives can be experienced. Go with your experience. Trust the process and what comes.

A common reaction to past life is that the Conscious mind, the logical pat of the brain tries to make sense of what is happening during the session. 

Your Conscious mind tells you: 

— This can’t be right 

— I cannot see my past life

— I must be imagining this

— I imagined everything

— This might be something I have read in a book or seen in a movie

Your Conscious mind tries to find a rational explanation for what is happening. The key to a successful past life regression is to flow and let whatever comes to take place in your mind without resistance. If you start to analyze it, you break the flow of information.

Give yourself permission to go with your experience in any way it is coming to you, even if you think it doesn’t make any sense.

The Best Approach   

Let go of trying to control or figure it out and let the process evolve; that is the best approach  to receive your healing and have your own experience.

Come with an open mind to receive the information, guidance and healing your Subconscious has for you.


  • People think they'll be unconscious for the whole session and they would wake up and they won't remember anything; they don't understand that they will be very relaxed, somehow aware or aware, that is a state of a high awareness.

Your Subconscious is always there with you, to guide you,  give you the answers and healing you need.

Come with an open mind to receive the information, guidance and healing of your Subconscious

  • To travel to a particular past life or have a mystical experience might leave you feeling disappointed. There are many different avenues a session can take, and you will always get the outcome you need for you healing.

  1- Get Prepared  for your QHHT session

  • Before the session watch this Dolores’ video:


  • If you meditate, do so in the morning or the day before of your session to help clear your mind.          
  • The night before or the day of your session don’t drink alcohol. 

  •   Have a meal before you come in. Your session can go 4 or longer. 

  •  Consider clearing your schedule on the day of your session. Not having any commitment to worry about pre-or post-session will allow you to engage much easier and we don't know how much longer your session it will last.

  • Use comfortable clothes  that aren't going to distracting you throughout your session. Something loose-fitting that won't constrict your circulation works best, as you are going to be lying down anywhere fr


  •   I do record your session. Your session will be audio-recorded. You will have the recorded session to listen to. It is suggested that the first time you listen to your session by yourself after you may share your recording, memories or thoughts at your discretion. 

  • Your session is a private session.  Because of this, no one else is allowed in the room. 

  •   You will be guided to 1 to 3 past lives. Your Subconscious/Higher Conscious chooses the ones to show you so that you can best understand your present life.

NOTE: QHHT is not suitable for anyone undergoing psychiatric distress nor anyone who has been or is receiving psychiatric medical assistance. 

It is beyond the scope of my training to work with someone who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis or Multiple Personality Disorder

2- Make your List of Questions

Bring with you, a neatly typed list or neatly hand print list of  questions you want to ask to your Subconscious/Higher Self.              

(Please neatly hand write the list or print it out so that I might easily read your questions during the session.)

The Subconscious/Higher Conscious is willing and able to help you. Ask what you wish to have help with and Deise will do her best to get all your questions answered during your session.

Questions to Subconscious/ Higher Self

Knowledge,Intuition, Inner Guidance,Wisdom

Prioritize and Categorize your Questions. First list your most important questions


Total of 13 questions per session

Suggestion Categories:

Healing/ Health

Life Purpose/Mission

Fear/ Phobias/ Anxiety

Problem or Situation in life

Agreements/Contracts with people in  your Present Life

Spiritual path

Question related to you

Come in to fully became the Real You   

Let me help you To explore your own past lives and your own Healing Regression 

As a Quantum Healing Practitioner my mission is to help you improve your current life, connect to your Higher Conscious, evolve in your spiritual path, and live your life with purpose. 

At the end of the session you become inspired, renewed and assured of your inner truth, knowing that you are an eternal being. Certain that you are free to heal your current life.


                                           NOW IS THE TIME!  

                               to live the Life you came here to live  

 GOD, Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, Ascension


DO NOT Make Any Plans After the Session.

You will need time to integrate into your body after your session for this reason do not make any plans after your session.

Give yourself the time and space to integrate the process. The energy clearing, healing  and detox will be continuing for a number of days. The Quantum Healing taking place during  your session will  restore or initiate new neural patterns and new beliefs, expect to have more intuitive thoughts and 'knowings'.  

After your session you notice that you become more empowered, more confident and understanding your life with new insights. Your self esteem will flourish. You will be open to new life opportunities. You have more creativity to solve the situations in your life. 

A greater  sense of inner peace and a deep connection with your Higher Self. 

Feeling at peace with your life, brings freedom within yourself as you move forward in a newer, more harmonious way.

It is highly recommended to drink lots of water to flush the system of the many  toxins released during this deep energy healing work

IMPORTANT: Listen to your session as often as you can

You will get new insights and healing every time you listen to your session

One session will give you the healing and answers to your questions.

Some clients do come back to intensify their healing, to work on different issues or new healing request. The client decides when is time to come back, in case the client decides to come back, I particularly recommend a minimum of 3 months between sessions


Higher Self, Guide, Master, Healing

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