Quantum Past Life 


   Unlock the power within 


  to create healthy changes in your life

Hypnosis opens the potential of your mind-body connection.

The power of your subconscious mind is truly amazing. It affects your body in so many ways, including the ability to heal. 

You want to live a healthy life and have a healthy body and hypnosis can help you by working with  your subconscious mind.

What is Quantum Past Life?

Quantum Past Life (QPL) is a hypnosis technique that goes ‘beyond’ the perceived limitations of traditional and/or clinical hypnosis

During the years of practicing Past Life, Deise saw the need to expand and further develop the skills that she gathered from Dolores’ teachings, through other trainings and work experience, to adjust to clients’ individual needs.

 The focus of Quantum Past Life (QPL) is the same as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), is to get to the root cause of your present issues by exploring the events of your past life. During the session, you will be guided to the most appropriate time and place, the one related to your current life situation, to bring solution to the negative experiences that are holding you back in your present life. 

On a Quantum Past Life Hypnosis session you also have the ability to connect with your Higher Self for healing and guidance relating to any current challenges or situation you would like to receive guidance on

Deise will guide you to a place from which you are able to access your own inner and higher knowing, connecting you with the infinite part of yourself that has been guiding you lifetime after lifetime.

The intention and desired outcome remains the same within each modality – to help you overcome your struggles in the present by exploring the events of your past.

The Quantum Past Life Structure                                            

It starts with a Pre-Talk based interview. 

This gives you the chance to become comfortable before you begin, to let go of any apprehensions and become more relax.

From your practitioner’s point of view, it allows Deise to find out exactly why it is you have come for a session. And the more detail you can share about you the better, this it will helps during the session by allowing Deise to ask more relenting questions during your inner journey.

A specific induction is then used to guide you to a Past Life. You may experience one or more lifetimes, depending on your pacing how quickly you are able to relay information, and also how much value there is in continuing past your initial experience. 

After the Past Life, the Higher Self will then be called in  to do the healing.

The Key Difference

The key difference between Quantum Past Life and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is that Quantum Past Life  allows for a more flexible approach and does not include the 13 questions to be asked to the higher self.

As a Dedicated QHHT practitioner Deise follows a strict set of guidelines, required by Dolores Cannon.

The use of additional modalities during a QHHT session was not allowed during Dolores Cannon’s lifetime and the rule is still required.

In the other hand the Quantum Past Life sessions  doesn’t have the same regulations, the use of complementary modalities can be applied during sessions  that it will improve the overall experience  of the client. 

At present, Deise own Quantum Past Life Hypnosis personal practice incorporates elements of:

  • Different Hypnosis Techniques
  • Use of Crystals 
  • Sound
  • Water Blessing 
  • Gem Essences 
  • Invocation, Decree 
  • Light Language 
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Reiki

Many more people are being drawn to metaphysical and intuitive energy healing modalities for a variety of reasons. It could be for past traumas, physical health issues, consciousness exploration or personal development.

Quantum Past Life Hypnosis, allows the use of other modalities and teachings during the session, meaning to bring a unique  healing perspective to each session

                          Unlock the power of your own  healing!

Preparing For Your Session

 It is a common mistake for people to anticipate that they have to SEE in hypnosis. Many people do not see anything in a regression. They, instead, know it, or think it, or feel or hear the details of the past life. 

All of your five inner senses and your intuition are channels through which past lives can be experienced. Go with your experience. Trust the process and what comes.

◦ The night before or the day of your session don’t drink alcohol. 

◦   Have a light meal before you come in. Your session can go 4 hours or longer. 

◦   Recorded session. Your session will be audio-recorded. You will have the recorded session to listen to. It is suggested that the first time you listen to your session by yourself after you may share your recording, memories or thoughts at your discretion.  

You will receive your session by email as a downloadable link. But ensure you make a backup as soon as possible, as I can’t keep the file in storage indefinitely. 

  • Your session is a private session; because of this, no one else is allowed in the room. 

  You will be guided to a past live but your  Subconscious/Higher Conscious may chooses to bring you to one of the many possible lives, to show you the one that you can best understand your present life.

NOTE: Quantum Hypnosis is not suitable for anyone undergoing psychiatric distress nor anyone who has been or is receiving psychiatric medical assistance. 

It is beyond the scope of my training to work with someone who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis or Multiple Personality Disorder

The Best Approach   

Let go of trying to control or figure it out and let the process evolve; that is the best approach  to receive your healing and have your own experience.


- People think they'll be unconscious for the whole session and they would wake up and they won't remember anything; they don't understand that they will be very relaxed, somehow aware or aware, that is a state of a high awareness.

Your Subconscious is always there with you, to guide you,  give you the answers and healing you need.

  • To travel to a particular past life or have a mystical experience might leave you feeling disappointed. There are many different avenues a session can take, and you will always get the outcome you need. 

Come with an open mind to receive the information, guidance and healing of your Subconscious

Consider clearing your schedule on the day of your session. Not having any commitments to worry about pre-or post-session will allow you to engage much easier and we don’t know how long your session will last. 

Use comfortable clothes that aren’t going to be distracting you throughout your session. Something loose-fitting that won’t constrict your circulation works best, as you are going to be lying down from anywhere between 2 or more hours. 

Hypnotherapy is a complementary technique and is not meant to take the place of orthodox medical treatment. Please always consult a doctor or medical professional for matters affecting your physical health. 

Please remember that everybody is different and therefore results and response times do vary from person to person.


DO NOT Make Any Plans After the Session

You will need time to integrate into your body after your session for this reason do not make any plans after your session.

Give yourself the time and space to integrate the process.

It’s also important to remember that the healing energy will not  be over entirety even after you finish your session. You will maintain a strong connection with your Higher Self for several days afterward, pay close attention to your dreams, as they may have additional messages and guidance for you, concerning the questions that you asked.

Also, remember to be open to receiving guidance in the form of synchronicity, dreams, insights or messages. It may be frequent to guide you on the next stage of your journey. 

Listen to your session

It might have some  information  you didn’t get it during your session, so even if you had a lucid experience, listening to it in the days, weeks and months afterward, frequent listening will allow you to understand specific insights in a way that might only be possible with the benefit of recollection. The more you are able to ‘program’ yourself with these insights, the greater the benefit you will receive in the long-term. Ideally, you want to listen to your session several times, especially if your experience was spent exploring current life events.

This can lead to doubts about  the process. Be aware, the work done by the Higher Self it takes place on levels beyond our 3D perception, some times changes may take more than just a couple of days to manifest in your life. Listening to the recorded session can alleviate yourself of any lingering doubts by reconnecting you with the energy from your session. In fact, it’s advised to listen to your session as often as you can especially the section during healing. 

You will receive your session by email as a downloadable link. But ensure you make a backup as soon as possible, as I can’t keep the file in storage indefinitely.


Now you are ready to take the next step in your personal and spiritual healing

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