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Singing Testimonial
By: John Reid


Session with Deise was Amazing! Life Altering

Instant Healing

My session with Deise was Amazing!

Without a doubt I can say that Deise completely changed my life!  I feel amazing and full of life. I have my life back. During my session I received the healing that a needed.


For decades I had suffered from chronic fatigue.  I was in my 30’s but felt like an 80 year old woman.  Doctors did various tests but could not find the cause so they said there was nothing they could do.  No matter how much sleep I got I was just so tired.  I felt like life was passing me by. 


My session with Deise was life altering.  I feel alive and full of energy now.  I have control of my life and I feel free.  My thoughts are positive and I have the energy to accomplish the things I want to do.  I have all of these exciting goals now that I didn’t have before.  I feel lighter and with a renewed spirit. 


During the session I also received instant healing of my eczema (which I have had since childhood).  The eczema is completely gone! 

My only wish was that I should have called Deise for an appointment sooner.  I could have felt this good years ago. 


I am excited about life now and feel genuinely happy.  

Thank you Deise for all that you have done for me.  I am so grateful to you.


 Raven from Guelph

...a heart-cantered, totally life-changing, professional QHHT 

experience with a genuine healer

I would highly recommend a session with Ms. Gonçalves

"I first learned about QHHT in late 2015 and I found Ms. Gonçalves’ website while I was searching for a practitioner in the area. As an empath, I was immediately drawn to her energy as a soul, and as one who identifies as a lightworker I found what was written on her website was resonating with me. 

By late 2016 I had just finished my own training as a QHHT practitioner and before practice sessions with others who had just graduated from the program, I wanted to experience what it feels like as a client with a more experienced practitioner. Ms. Gonçalves came to mind immediately. I simply had to meet her.

Ms. Gonçalves was polite and thorough over our email correspondences. Her office is in a lovely part of Cambridge, and I felt relaxed upon entering the space itself. I was drawn to the crystals in the space and I wasn’t surprised they were here because of Ms. Gonçalves’ high frequency. The healing energy was palpable between us from the moment I arrived - and I am very sensitive to people’s energies. 

Ms. Gonçalves is a gentle, loving and wise soul. She has years of professional experience as a healer and genuinely wants to help people evolve and thrive into the best version of themselves. After completing my own training I can say that her style, voice and pace is perfect for practicing QHHT. But more than just technique, her heart is enormous (you can feel it immediately when meeting her), and she has so much metaphysical, spiritual and practical knowledge that shines through during the interview, the facilitation of the hypnosis session, and the discussion afterward. 

My own experience was literally out of this world. As facilitated by Ms. Gonçalves with such care and artistry, I saw profound scenes that are significant for my life path at this time. Through my own mouth, my Higher Self spoke words that have changed my life since the session, and I feel healed from my past physical ailments every time I listen to the audio recording afterward. I just received so much clarity and guidance about my role in the world, and I now have a heightened sense of playfulness and fearlessness to approach all my daily tasks with. My Higher Self suggested steps to take in my life and I am taking them now with much love and joy in my heart. 

To anyone in the area looking for a heart-centered, totally life-changing, professional QHHT experience with a genuine healer I would highly recommend a session with Ms. Gonçalves. Expect to feel healing energies pouring into you from the moment you step through her office door, and expect your life to blossom beyond your wildest dreams after you leave.

Samīkṣā  from Waterloo- QHHT Level 1

Bless you for your beautiful energy and abilities
You have changed my life

Hello Deise, 

I want to thank you so much for allowing me to work with you. The experience was absolutely inspiring

 and it has made a large impact upon my thoughts and my days since the visit. It really does change 

everything. I feel that the weight of the world has been lifted off of me, and there is the ability to be calm

 and quiet when the time is right. I have not had this since I was very young. I have also noticed that the

 ringing in my ears is still nearly non-existent any more. It does ring once in a while, but that it very rare. I

 thank you dearly for the help to resolve the ringing.

For 4 days after the visit, my energy has been different and I was a little shaken up (that is the best way to

 describe it). I was not able to focus my attention on any task and felt dizzy at times. This has almost 

completely gone away now (wednesday evening).  Another key is that now I can sleep at night.


I had been setting my intention each day since 2010 to heal the many symptoms but that did not resolve

 things. Seeing you has made such a positive difference. I am very very thankful and grateful to you.  

I look forward to listening to the recordings soon. I wanted to give my body some time to reset before 

listening to them in private.

Bless you for your beautiful energy and abilities. You have changed my life.


Chris from Guelph

Amazing and Gratifying Experience 

Beloved Deise

First of all Thank you

Your caring, attention and love certainly made a great impact in my life. Your loving perseverance did

 allow me to have a big awakening. After so many years of my life denying the existence of a Higher Power

 I finally experienced  this Higher Presence thanks to you. As you saw it took my breath away, it shook me

 to  my core. It was the most amazing and gratifying experience I ever had in my life. It was a life changing

 experience for me, unfortunately I did it too late in my life. Now I can go to the other side in peace 

knowing what is awaiting me. Hope you can help and change the lives of so many as you did for me. 

I am extremely grateful for your caring  and blissful session

Kelson from Toronto

Results Beyond My Expectations!!!

My dear Deise,

I have no words to express the life-changing experience I had during my session.  

The results went far beyond my expectations!!! 

The way you cared of everything was just amazing...

You made me feel so comfortable during the session that I was able to let myself go through your loving 


As per my previous experience (other therapist) I thought that would never happen...

You did a great job and from the bottom of my heart, I really needed to thank you publicly for your 

knowledge, wisdom and loving care. 

God bless you!

Victoria D. from Mississauga

A Clarifying Experience

Dear Deise,

Our QHHT session was more than I could have imagined. Thank you for being so warm and caring… You 

made me feel very comfortable. Your soothing voice and ability to ask the right questions guided me deep 

within my subconscious in order to find the answers I was searching for. I didn’t know what to expect, and 

kept an open mind. I was especially surprised about the two past lives that I experienced, and how relevant 

they were to my current life. Before the actual hypnosis, I found it very helpful to just talk out my problems

with you. That alone was very beneficial, and the hypnosis put all the pieces together. Overall it was an 

amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who needs some clarity and guidance in their life

The healing process was an added bonus. I haven’t slept this well in a long time! I plan on putting the 

wisdom I gained from our session to good use, in order to help me reach my goals in life. 

Thank you so much for a wonderful QHHT session!

I wish you all the best!

Thanks again,

Andrew from Toronto

PS Our session ran longer than expected, but I never once felt rushed. Thank you for being so generous with your time!

She  Is Really Knowledgable About What She Does

 The energy very good, relaxing and calming

I went to Deise for a Past Life Regression, the first one I have ever done. I had been thinking of going for

 one, and had been looking on the internet/magazines for one, for a couple of months. 

When I finally decided to go, I chose Deise because I felt she was the right one, for some reason. 

I can honestly say, it was a great experience, for many reasons.

First of all, as soon as I got there, I was surprised at how warm and welcoming Deise was.

 She made me  feel very comfortable right from the start. For me this was very important in helping me

relax, feel comfortable, and feel like I picked the right place.

Secondly, the energy in her place was very relaxing. It was a very good and calming energy.

 Thirdly, she  is really knowledgable about what she does.

 She always listened to what I had to say and would do an amazing job in explaining everything she was

going to do in the regression. And finally, the regression was simply amazing! 

I did not expect to see as much as I did. 

I am definitely planning on going back to Deise and I highly recommend anyone considering having a Past 

Life Regression to go see her. 

Thank you so much Deise.

Alba  from Toronto 

My confidence level is way up...sense of self.  

My sense of self is clearer and my acceptance of myself is stronger

A year ago August 27th 2016 to be exact, I had the most brilliant past life session with Deise Goncalves. 

The moment we first spoke on the phone I knew I had found not only a really good past life hypnotherapist but a genuine, kind and caring person.

Deise has such a way about her that puts one easily at ease. I found her to be very kind, patient, centered, focused, grounded, generous with her time and really just such a lovely, lovely lady. 

Our session was the catalyst for opening up many inner gateways, blocks and hidden doors for healing my heart centre and to finally allow this deep inner healing I have been experiencing this last year to have happen.

The reasons of seeking out Deise were a plenty. But, the main reasons were to heal inner core beliefs of unworthyness, low self esteem and confidence. As well, at the time a had major psychic blocks that I prayed to have unravel

In this year since I have been able to do all of the above and much more. It's because of Deise Goncalves that I was able to achieve and surpass my desires of inner healing and knowing.

It has been my experience with Deise Goncalves that she is an exceptionally gifted and wonderful healer!!! 

I am ever grateful to you Deise. 

Many Blessings to you and always. 

Jo Ann

London, Ontario 

Thankful for the wonderful session. I was in a safe place

I am very thankful for the wonderful session that I had with Deise. The session was my very first QHHT experience and even though I was excited, I was a bit anxious. Fortunately, from the moment I stepped into the office, I felt warmly welcomed; I knew that I was in a safe place and that we were going to go on an exciting adventure together. The session provided me with many answers regarding life questions, guidance and my purpose. It was an amazing, life-changing experience and I am very grateful to have worked with Deise."

Lyle from Kitchener- QHHT Level 1

You're so talented, compassionate, wise, and patient


Hi Deise,  

Thank you for working with me last weekend. You're so talented, compassionate, wise, and patient. It was a very inspiring session and I'm very grateful for your assistance.

I feel like the session really helped a lot. I never even mentioned to you about the tension in my jaw, but then it came out during the session. I have had some issues with clenching jaw/grinding my teeth during sleep and I never even thought to add it to the list, but then it presented itself.  I noticed now even touching those areas in the jaw, they used to feel very sensitive to the touch, but now since the weekend, all the pressure/tension/stress is gone from that area. Wow!

Again, it was wonderful meeting you!

Jennifer from Waterloo


  2. Hello my dear Deise!

  3. I am still overwhelmed for our session last Saturday! IT WAS AMAZING….. 

My friends were so surprised that they also want to book a session with you!

God bless you

Valeria from Mississauga

I Felt Happier and Physically Better Right After My Session

  "During my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session with Deise, I saw myself in a past life that was 

very different from what I would have expected, but there was so much wisdom in its teachings that I feel 

it has so much connection with what I am going through right now. I felt happier and physically better 

right after my session and this sense of bliss is still happening. I have connected to something bigger that 

me, something I never thought existed. I now have the mental and physical stamina to do things that I 

really can and want to do in my life.

Thanks so much for this experience!

MG" from London- QHHT Level 1

Since the day of the regression, a shift has happened  for better

 Hi Deise,

 It was indeed a pleasure to meet you.

Because of your loving and caring nature, you made me feel at ease. I felt your concern and 

sincerity to want to help. At first, being able to just talk about all these things in my heart was 

part of the healing process . Thank you for listening and taking your time.

The regression process and going in a past life, was like  Dolores said ;"digging potatoes "Ha! 

I  just had to trust that I did get what I needed. The miraculous  happened gradually at home 

integrating the healing. I felt a change in me the next day; more happy, at peace.

 My  connection with the Divine is felt deeply within my body. My I Am Presence is talking to me 

without the interference of the chatting of the mind. My desires has been answered, I live more 

from my heart, feeling the Now moment. I feel more connected to Spirit………. 

Also I have been feeling stronger in my legs, more energy. They said (the Being of Light) that 

my physical healing will happen gradually as I move forward and keep claiming my 

birthright of perfect health.  

So all in all,  since the day of the regression, a shift has happened and I know it will keep going 


Thank you so much Deise for being an instrument in God's hand to help me in my healing 



Much gratitude.   

Lise from Markham

Your Loving and Caring Words Made It Easy to Go to Past Life

Hi Deise

First I would like to thank you for your loving and caring words that made it easy for me to go to past

 lives and my sub-conscious.  I feel great and some if not all my issues are working it's way around. 

 I was able to listen to the tape and it really brought everything together. 

 I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in working out issues. 

 You are a very gentle soul. 

 Blessings and Love.

Janice from Wasaga Beach

You Have Been a Blessing in my Life

Hello Deise, 

Thank you for the great and professional experience! 

It was a pleasure to work with you and find my life's purpose. 

I am very comforted by the results and it gives me satisfaction knowing what I feel is true.

 You have been very kind and helped me discover who I am. 

I have already made great claims and recommendations over you. 

I wish you the best and that God continues to allow your business growth. 

You have been a blessing in my life and if and when I am ready I will be back for another session. 

It was a wonderful experience and blessing to have worked with you. 

Kind regards, 

Brett from Kitchener

 The Past Life Regression Helped Me In So Many Ways

Deise, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience I received with you.
 As the days have passed since the Past Life Regression, I have realized how it has helped me 

in so many ways. 

 Thank you for listening to me, and helping me through this journey.

  You are an amazing person, and I would recommend you to anyone. 

God bless you!

Berin, Burlington, Ontario

 Cleared Energy Blockage from almost 5 years of  anxiety

The past life regression I had with Deise was extraordinary. I met my guides, explored past 

lives and got  answers that I really needed. 

I had been suffering from anxiety for almost 5 years and  unhealthy anger. 

Deise and I were able to work through this and clear any energy blockages I had. 

Thank you very much Deise

Jenna from Kitchener

 ...How empowered I have been feeling...


 I wanted to thank you again for an amazing session.  I have continued to progress in a positive way.  I have recommended you to many people 2 of which I believe will be contacting you soon if they haven't already.  I can't tell you how empowered I have been feeling since I left you a week ago.  I am feeling so much better.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you and wish you well.  

I hope to see you in the not to distant future

Lorraine from 

 Helped me release grief that was holding me back in my life

Many thanks!   Deise

"I discovered Deise on Dolores Cannon's QHHT practitioner website. I was impressed with

her credentials in classical psychology as well as complimentary methods, so I knew that I wanted to 

have my QHHT session with her. She put me at ease with her calm and friendly manner and the session 

went well. She helped me release grief that was holding me back in my life both physically and 


Thank you so much Deise!"

Tom from Kitchner

 I Feel Brand New. The pain is gone from hip and lower back


Physically the pain is gone from my hip and lower back.

I sleep right through till 6 a.m. (got a full night sleep for the first time in a long while)

During the session yesterday there was some scepticism but no more.

Today I feel brand new. A new lease on life.

I totally accept what is and am so thankful.

Internally I feel a lot of shifting and readjusting.

I was guided to a website called Messages from Michael.

It flows with my experience with you as facilitator and mediator between me and Higher Self.

I am ever so grateful to Higher Self to lead me to you Deise.

Thank you for you choosing your profession.

Much love & Light in to eternity.

Marian from Bracebridge


You are a Blessing...an Angel...you are the MIRACLE

Before I start I would like to make a clear statement:

Everything I say below should be multiplied by 10...100...1000...because there are not enough words in any language that would even begin to describe my feelings and results from the healing sessions with Deise. May God bless her now and always. 

I am 64 years old and ever since I can remember, 90% of my life (from childhood until I met Deise) was nothing but disaster.

I was born into a big family during extremely difficult times. I was very sensitive with far too much energy and a very short and reactive temper. 

With a very abusive father throughout my entire childhood and teenage years, it was my mother who did everything she could to care for us all, even though it was mostly beyond her means and usually against all odds. 

In 1974 I got married and my wife and I have two beautiful daughters. This year we celebrated our 41st anniversary. 

My big question is, how in the name of God my wife could stand me, and stood by me, for so long? She must be an angel. 

I have never physically hurt anyone...but many times I was verbally abusive (which I think is worse). I love my family so much and each time I blew up, I felt horrible and punished myself mentally and sometimes physically. My wife would often ask me why I had so much anger inside and where did it come from. 

The few times I was happy, I was extremely happy. When I was angry, I was extremely angry. And so this cycle went on and on. At times I had suicidal thoughts, but I loved my family too much to ever go through with it. 

I often had enough of my behaviour and did seek help for it...and I tried reading many books and articles to help me find peace...but nothing worked. 

Then one day, a miracle happened. 

One of my daughters wanting to help me, searched and found Deise!

All I wanted was to:

• have peace in my heart

• love myself

• be happy

• enjoy my life with my family 

My healing journey was hard work and required a lot of patience. Deise was completely committed to me and my healing, and together we did it! 

One of the things I will never forget is when Deise said we are going to give my family a beautiful Christmas present: a new me. How incredibly touching!

It has now been two weeks since my last session with Deise and I can say from the bottom of my heart I AM A NEW ME! And I have achieved the four bullet points listed above!

All of my anger has been transformed into LOVE. I feel completely blessed and grateful for my life and everything and everyone in it. 

Deise, for your devotion to help others...for the enormous success of all your hard work, you are a blessing...an angel...you are THE MIRACLE. I love you and I thank you. 

Zig from Guelph

Mind Blowing

Thank you Deise for making me comfortable, at ease and believing on what I was telling you. 

I got the explanation for all the things that has been happening to me since childhood also all the answers 

to my questions. What I discovered in my regression it was  mind blowing. 

I so excited that everything now makes sense.

Thank you 

Lorry  from Guelph

I Am Feeling More Free Now

I am feeling more free now and I have a sense of where I need to go based on my intuition. 

Thank you 

Magali from Mississauga  

...Came Away With Deep Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

My biggest suggestion would be to believe what you see and hear

I am so thankful that I discovered this amazing opportunity for deep healing. 

Deise was a wonderful guide and was so supportive and compassionate during the entire process. 

I came to my appointment already aware that I am a volunteer but felt very alone and isolated with myriad questions I had from my own experiences in trance. All of my questions were answered and I was shown a sweeping vista of my own truth that sat buried waiting to be uncovered. I felt loved and supported by my own spirit guides the whole time and came away with deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing. My biggest suggestion would be to believe what you see and hear. It was shown to you and said to you and you only for your own purposes to heal and grow. It is your choice to believe or not. 

Jodie from Burlington

Wonderful Experience

Dear Deise,

Thank you for a great session. I am glad that I followed my gut feeling and chose you to have this wonderful


Wish you all the best in your future healing and I look forward to see you again.

Best regards

Fun from Taiwan- QHHT Level 1 

It Was a Transcendental Experience

Dear Deise, 

Thank you for all the wonderful work you did last Friday. It was a transcendental experience. It felt like I was in a time warp and only 20 minutes had passed instead of several hours. I can still feel the effects working through me and I had the most wonderful dream afterwards with, of all people, the so called sleeping prophet, Edgar Casey. In my dream he told me he would give me guidance! 

 When I feel ready for a follow up session I will get in contact with you. 

Thanks again, Vera 

The only Healer that has helped me to see and connect with my angels and guides! 

Dear Deise

It is amazing that you are the only healer that has helped me to see and connect with my angels and guides!  

This is why I need to come back and see you.

In gratitude to you for your work.  I am in a coaching training program and now when I take clients through meditation I am able to feel where their blockages are from a distance and help them clear those areas!  Is this not remarkable since I saw you!  You opened up new portals for me!

Thank you, Gillian.

Gillian from Kitchener

"I made up" that story or maybe I didn't make it up.

Hi Deise,

Thank you again for all you work with me on Monday, I appreciate it so much! I have to say my teeth feel really good.  The cracked tooth feels perfect!  My teeth aren't sensitive to cold anymore.

 I am still working on the other parts of my healing.  I have drank all of my holy water and I started listening to the recording.

I have to admit to you I wanted my healing so much that when I couldn't go under I did what I saw on a video on QHHT.  I was listening to a student of Dolores Cannon telling her story that when she was chosen to come up and Dolores was going to use the QHHT on her she realized she couldn't do it so she faked it!  She felt she could not let Dolores down so she just made up her past lives, but when it came to the healing the dark part (where her Hiatus Hernia was that was bothering her), she said it felt like it was pulled up and out of her body.  This woman was healed even though she said she was "faking it".  They were saying "Fake it to Make it!"  So when the jackhammer was going on outside and my feet were vibrating from it, I thought there is no way this is going to happen unless I start to help things along.:)  I was saying what I did see, but when it came to the story of Ralph I was just saying the first thing that came to mind.  I wasn't seeing many images of what was happening.  I was just saying what entered my mind.  I felt like I had no connection to the story.

The first time I listened to the recording, I thought "I don't want to listen to the things I made up".   All I wanted to listen to was when you were asking the questions that I wrote.  That's all I wanted to hear.  I listened and was so disappointed because there was only the story of Ralph on the recording. I thought I was being "ripped off", because I didn't want to hear the story I thought "I made up".  The questions were not on the recording at all.  I wondered why didn't you record them.

 Last night I gave it another try and listened to it again.  I am so glad I did.  When I heard myself telling Ralph’s story I realized he was "stuck" just like I was.  It hit me like a eureka moment!  It finally made sense why "I made up" that story.  Or maybe I didn't make it up.  Maybe that was my High Self telling me the story I was meant to hear.  The story now made complete sense to me.   The rest of the recording started playing after that!  I heard the rest of the session that I thought wasn't on the recording.  I got to hear my questions.  I was surprised, but I understood.  My High Self would not let me listen to the rest of the recording until I understood what was being told to me in Ralph’s story!  WOW! 

I am going to continue working on myself.  So far I haven't had white flour or sugar for 3 days.  It's early but I am sticking to it.  I'm going to continue working with the recording and I am going to listen to it everyday.  I know I will get answers.  I am also going to work on decalcifying my pineal gland.  I think if I can get my physical self working I can be in tune with my higher self.

  I would like to come back and do another session with you in about 8 months.  I know you are a healer Deise!  I have never seen anyone else's hands light up with colours.  On the tops of your hands I could see Violet in between your fingers, then when I saw the bottoms, your palms had bright yellow circles and I didn't see your fingers only a bright red light.  When I looked directly at your hands I just saw your hands but when I looked at your face when you talked I only saw the coloured lights coming from your hands!  I thought maybe my eyes are starting to heal so I was seeing different things.  Then it dawned on me it's because you heal with your hands!  That was amazing.  Just seeing that alone was worth coming down to Cambridge.:)

Not only are you a physical healer you are so in tune with understanding the root of peoples problems.  You helped me realize things I had forgotten about.  I can not thank you enough for all the time you spent with me even when I thought it was hopeless.:)  I know it's just being patient.  My answers will come when I discover the things I am supposed to realize.  I did make huge process in your office and I thank you so much for helping me do that.

Lots of Love,


Informative and Healing QHHT Session

Dear Deise, 
Thank you for the most informative and healing QHHT session.  My Higher Self revealed to me the most appropriate past life experience that was most pertinent for my healing.  I now understand how symptoms in my body were energetically created.  The messages from my Higher Self were wise and comforting and I NOW understand my purpose and so much more.  

Deise's gentle and caring approach as a facilitator focuses on the healing aspect for the client on a cellular level.  

This experience was so rewarding, insightful and profound on so many levels, and will change you from the inside out.  

In gratitude